Alliance of the Holy Family International
Alliance of the Two Hearts House-to-House Enthronement

Consecration of the Family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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+Most Rev Leo Drona, SBD, DD, 24 January 1997
+ His Eminence Ricardo J. Cardinal, 24 January 1997

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As we see the rise of the “Culture of Death” in our society today, Christ’s request for reparation seems to be more urgent NOW. The Enemy is out to destroy the Church and society’s basic structure – the family. This only proves why the fiercest spiritual battle is fought right inside the home. We see parents against their children, children against their parents, spouses against each other. Division is the Enemy’s diabolical mark. If he succeeds in dividing the family, it would be easier for him to divide the Church and society.

Prayer and Reparation are the powerful weapons by which we can defeat the “Culture of Death” and win in this spiritual battle. Parents are being asked to pray and make reparation for their children; children are also being asked to pray and make reparation for holiness of life in their home. Everyone is being asked to pray and make sacrifices especially in these troubled times, for the outrages and sacrileges committed against God and the Blessed Mother and for families to remain united even in face of severe trials.

Through the House-to-House Enthronement, the family is initiated into the Daily Communion of Reparation which is both Eucharistic-centered and Marian in spirituality. Through the enthronement of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary in the home, the family enters into an alliance with Their Hearts by way of consecration. And as the family fulfills the requirements of this consecration (Rosary, Confession, Eucharist, and Holy Hours of Adoration), the family is brought closer together in love and peace. Holiness then begins in the home.

Millions of homes have already been enthroned in 104 countries since the Alliance of the Holy Family was founded in 1992. The AHFI has started this apostolate in 1992 under the guidance of the late His Eminence Alfonso Cardinal Trujillo (Prefect of the Pontifical Council for the Family) and the former Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI). We bring the devotion and the lifestyle of the Alliance of the Two Hearts, which we call the “Communion of Reparation,” to a level where the Pontifical Council for the Family and the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith have constantly reminded and urged us to continue and maintain the spiritual depth and growth of the apostolate to truly be of help in bringing back holiness in family life.

Questions and Answers

What is an “Enthronement?”

Enthronement is a solemn act of placing God at the center of people’s lives especially the family. Through a solemn rite, the members of the family accept “holiness” as a state to which God calls each one of them. In the Alliance of Two Hearts House-to-House Enthronement, Jesus is Lord and is worshipped as the King of the family. Mary, on the other hand, is the Mother of Our Lord, our model for holiness and is honored as the Queen of the home.

When we enthrone the Two Hearts, what exactly is the role of Mary?

When we enthrone the holy pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, it means that we worship Jesus as the Son of God and we honor Mary as the Mother of God. It does not mean that we worship Her as God. We honor Her because Jesus wanted it so (John 19:25-27). She is a human being who has been prepared from the beginning by God to bear Jesus in Her virginal womb. The recognition of the Alliance of Two Hearts does not in any way intend to make Mary divine. As St. John Eudes explained, Mary is the author of the Heart of Jesus; he refers to Their Hearts as “one single Heart,” a unity which is an integral part of the very mystery of the incarnation. (cf. “Alliance of the Two Hearts: Core of Our Faith,” Manila: THMO, 1995).

Why do we need to consecrate to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary?

We are living in a time of so much evil, where sin is no longer considered a sin and where society believes no longer in the existence of God. Consecration to Jesus means total giving of oneself to God, while consecration to Mary means allowing her to be truly our Mother who will bring us closer to Jesus. The consecration to the Two Hearts empowers us to detach ourselves from sin and unite ourselves to Jesus by imitating the life of Mary. (cf. “Alliance of the Two Hearts: Core of Faith,” p. 105.)

Should a leader or promoter be commissioned by the Alliance of the Holy Family International (AHFI) before doing the House-to-House Enthronement or setting up the vigil as an apostolate?

Yes. The Alliance of the Holy Family International must be sure that promoters adhere to the goals of the Alliance of the Two Hearts to protect the laity from misinformation and heresy. Without obedience to the flow of grace from the Magisterium, the devil who acts at times as an Angel of Light could deceive us. The main criterion needed to become a promoter is a sincere desire and zeal to evangelize, to bring families back to God.

How long does the enthronement last?

Roughly an hour an a half (depending on the length of the talk and procession around the house.)

Is there a fee for the Home Enthronement?

The apostolate is a fruit of love and generosity of the team. Every team does not ask for anything in return, the service is for free. However, the family may make a humble donation solely for the apostolate to defray cost of the materials used (Two Hearts pictures, prayer book, enthronement certification which are all given to the family).

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As we see the rise of the “Culture of Death” in our society today, Christ’s request for reparation seems to be more urgent NOW.

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